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JAIA International: The Chibuto Project

May 23, 2014 – May 23, 2014 32 Court Street Map and Directions | Register Description: The Chibuto Project is an 8 week video/skype exchange between girls in NYC & girls in Chibuto, Mozambique Africa. Youth will participate in a creative leadership workshop series called “This Thing Called YOU!” and share their process with the teens from Chibuto. […]

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    1 hour ago

  • When things feel out of your control, it's temporary. Take a moment, breathe & regain control. #mindfulness #JAIAYOUth #JAIA #empower #wellness

    October 07

  • READ: "While teenagers are constantly being told to pay attention, they receive very little instruction in how to do it. The truth is that once they step outside the classroom and leave algebra and world history behind, they are faced with real challenges and daily frustrations that can’t be solved with the knowledge of quadratic equations or battle dates. While the education system provides students with cognitive training, adolescents are mostly on their own to manage the emotional ups and downs that are part of their biological development."

    October 06

  • Take a moment and be still. Be Present. #mindfulness #JAIA #JAIAYOUth #wellness

    October 05

  • Thank you to everyone who donated to The Garygene Leon Jefferson Memorial Scholarship Fund. We appreciate your love and support. #GLJFund #JAIAYOUth #JAIA

    October 04