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“JAIA Just As I AM YOUth Empowerment, is a personal and spiritual development leadership program serving girlyouth and young adults ages 13-24.”

JAIA YOUth was founded in 2010, by Gena C. Jefferson, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Educator and ordained Interfaith Minister with more than 20 years of experience working with youth & families.

heart rockI know how important it was to me, as a teenager, to have an adult who took the time to listen and to help me believe in myself. Adolescence/young adulthood is a very challenging time and parents, as well as youth, need other adults to help fill in the gaps… I want every young person to realize that his/her thoughts, feelings, actions and mere presence make a difference in this world!”

Our organization is led by of a diverse group of multi-cultural & multi-ethnic professionals, youth, and volunteers, dedicated to holistic growth on all levels of being.

Our mission: To empower youth/young adults towards self-mastery and images-10leadership through the use of Universal Life Principles and Mindfulness techniques, for the purpose of encouraging mental health & promoting positive youth development.

Our vision: To create national and global youth empowerment training programs, based on the teaching of Universal Life Principles that are for, led by and sustained by, youth and young adults.

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