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I am Resilient, I Persevere

By Noor Ibrahim, 16 Spirit Keeper for the Healthy Mind Healthy Vibes 2021 JAIA Youth Council I never truly understood the difference between perseverance and resilience, until a series of events that happened to me in a short period of time spiraled out of control and instilled in me these invaluable mindsets. It began in…

Practicing Present Moment Awareness

JAIA’s principles for the Month is AWARENESS.   Coupled with ACCEPTANCE, these principles make for powerful allies with keeping you focused on how relationships to the growth of the world you desire to create.  What is awareness? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, awareness is “The knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists.” Awareness of…

The Road to Self-Acceptance

What if I told you that accepting yourself as you are right now is a powerful first step toward your success? At JAIA, young adults like yourself show us every day the power of persisting with your life vision in spite of the obstacles you may be facing at home, at school, or with relationships. …


Why join us? This is a perfect time to cleanse and ground yourself body mind and spirit. We will guide you in finding your focus, controlling your breathe, and practicing mindfulness.


After twenty-two years of service to youth & families in the NYC Dept. of Education, I left my job with a passion to create “JAIA” Just As I Am YOUth Empowerment. I was determined to create a program where youth could see themselves as leaders, with purpose and vision for their future, despite the adverse…

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