Our Donors


Just As I AM YOUth Empowerment would like to say thank you to our Donors:

The Gift of Vision  $1000 or more

Vision animates, inspires and transforms purpose into action. 
Thank you for seeing what’s possible when we believe in our youth!
Frank Way                          Brooklyn, NY
Rev. Elease Welch              Brooklyn, NY
Sally & Mike Hipscher      Brooklyn, NY      

The Gift of Self Mastery  $500 or more

Your gift insures opportunities for youth to see how their own personal development
makes a difference in the world!

 Dr. Morice P. Dennery     Location, NH

The Gift of Competence   $200 or more

Every young person need a place where they can feel competent, it builds confidence
and pride within. JAIA is that place!
Annie Greenleaf                  Greenwood Village, CO
Marilyn Mottola                 Alberta, Canada
Winfield Foster                   Brooklyn, New York
Sheila Gray                         Queens, New York
Cherry David                      Brooklyn, New York
Veronica Rosario               Bronx, New York

The Gift of Confidence   $100 or more

This gift supports a young person in standing in his/her own personal power,
giving them a safe space to grow in confidence and pride!
Rev. Nancy Yeates             Bloomsburg, PA
James Rosenow                 Valley Cottage, New York
Mark Denecour                  Brooklyn, New York
Fiona Silver                        New York, NY
Traci Lilly                           Queens, New York
Frank Way                         Brooklyn, NY
Colette Michaan                New York, NY
Dr. Kelly Sykes                   Brooklyn, New York
Christine Canosa               Pennington, New York
Rodney Mckenzie              New York, NY
Olufemi Lee                        Brooklyn, New York
Arlene Hale                        Brooklyn, New York
Dr. Phyllis Dennery          Penn Valley, PA
Althea Danzey                  Plainsboro, New Jersey

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