We provide workshops Life Coaching and Counseling for Individuals, small groups, and peer-led groups. We can do 1-3 hour, half day, or full day workshops. We can base it off your curriculum or tailored to your specific needs for a group.

JAIA engages youth and families from all cultural and religious backgrounds. We do not teach religion or tell young people what to believe. Because the Principles we teach are Universal, our participants are able to clarify their existing values and beliefs, which strengthens their sense of self and therefore their decision-making process.

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Spirituality & Positive Youth Development

Adolescents can be at risk for depression, suicide and anti-social behaviors due to feelings of worthlessness. Spirituality fosters a sense of purpose and belonging. Studies have shown it is linked to lower levels of dangerous at-risk behaviors among young people.

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Join us for our monthly Seeds for Your Soul Saturday workshop series once every month. This is a perfect time to cleanse and ground yourself, body, mind and spirit!

For YOUth

Have you felt pressured, trying to figure out what you’re good at or what you want to do with your future? Or you’re thinking, “What’s in it for me?”  Well for starters, YOU can create the type of life or reality you desire and deserve! Discover a place where you can be yourself and feel valued with JAIA, JUST AS I AM YOUth Empowerment!

“JAIA ‘s “Know Your Worth” retreat is really important to me. I like that it creates a safe space for youth to heal from issues that caused low self worth and self esteem. As a single mother I wish my children had access to services like this, they sure needed it.” 

Sheila Gray
Longtime JAIA supporter 

You make a difference.

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