Healthy Mind, Healthy Vibes

Flip the script on Depression and Anxiety! 

Workshops for Youth ages 15-21

Many people think that since you are young, you don’t have worries. We know that’s not true: academic pressures, social status with peers, difficult family life, sexuality, pandemic isolation, and loss of loved ones, all add up. 

With support, you can address mental stress head on.

Take your first steps toward emotional freedom with JAIA’s Healthy Minds/ Healthy Vibes workshops. 

  • Learn tips and tools to sustain your mental health day to day
  • Get ahead of depression and anxiety by confronting inner criticism and self sabotage.
  • Shift these thoughts towards a positive outlook through writing, poetry, visual art, yoga & group sharing. 
  • Gain more insight on how creativity, mindful tools and affirmative thinking uplifts your vibration & self-esteem.

High schools, colleges, universities, and organizations with youth programs, let’s talk about how JAIA can help you promote mental wellness education for your teens and young adults.

To bring our Healthy Minds Healthy Vibes Wellness Conference to your school please contact us at

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