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Our organization is led by of a diverse group of multi-cultural & multi-ethnic professionals, youth, and volunteers, dedicated to holistic growth on all levels of being.


What I like most about JAIA is the fact that is allows me to be my most authentic self. I was accepted from the very first day I joined and that always made me feel safe! JAIA has allowed me to feel comfortable in who I am and what I represent! It’s allowed me to stand in my truth while acknowledging the fear that comes with that. Since Joining in 2016 my confidence has increased as well as my relationship with God and I’m so grateful for that.


I joined JAIA as a senior in high school when I was 17. JAIA helped me increase my sense of “service” and my desire to help people, especially those who are going through similar things that I did at a young age. I never knew how much of a leader I wanted to be until I came to JAIA. JAIA allowed me to take initiative and use my voice in a way that I never knew I wanted to. It helped me move past my fears and put my own creativity out there and let it be heard. As a result, it impacted so many young people in a meaningful way.  I know that anxiety and depression is something young people my age really suffer with and the fact that I am able to make workshops that appeal to youth is something that I am really happy and proud to know that I have done.


When I first joined JAIA I felt a sense of comfort and acceptance even when I didn’t know anyone like I do now. JAIA shows me how to accept myself and others despite the flaws that I have and the experiences that I have gone through. JAIA has supported me in being who I am and standing in my own power. JAIA’s programs are very beneficial and has done a lot for in supporting me with my self-esteem, my vision and relationships. The JAIA #KNOWYOURWORTH retreat was an amazing experience where got to learn so much about myself. It allowed me to become clearer about what my vision is, how I can get there, of how I want to feel when I accomplish it. It’s been an amazing experience and has gotten me out of my comfort zone.


Sally is a retired NYC high school health and physical education teacher for 36 years. She was founder and faculty advisor of Murrow’s HEART club (HIV/AIDS, peer education, advocacy and social action club), training students to be peer educators and conduct AIDS quilt workshops during World AIDS Week. Sally is a trustee at the East Midwood Jewish Center and chairperson of the East Midwood Jewish Center/Our Lady of Refuge Church interfaith committee.

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