Self Mastery Workshops:

The Life Lessons Series:  This series of workshops is designed to develop youth/young adults’ awareness of Mind, Body and Spirit. The goal is to increase the participants’ ability to be socially competent by identifying one’s values, strengthening their sense of identity, esteem, inner strength and personal power.

The Leadership Series: This series focuses on Communication techniques and Self-mastery skills, the ability to resolve conflicts peacefully, and to facilitate and encourage their peers into positive action.

The Prosperity Series: Using authors like Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill, this series helps youth/young adults build character and a sense of purpose while teaching creative & abundant thinking. The goal of this series is to prepare participants for the acquisition of wealth by developing a “wealthy state of mind”.

Life Coaching and Counseling:

  • Individual
  • Small Groups
  • Peer-led groups

JAIA Leadership Training Institute:

  • Community Youth Organizers
  • Peer Mediators
  • Peer Life Coaches
  • Workshop/Group Leaders

School Residencies:

JAIA offers year -long trainings to youth in schools and youth serving agencies/programs. We enable support staff to develop & sustain ongoing peer-led programs. These trainings are also available to individual teens and young adults who are looking to experience leadership training and community service.

• Community Service Projects

• Conflict Resolution Programs