Welcome Parents, Directors, School Administrators…

Thank you for all that you do! For you have laid the foundation in the minds of our young people, planting the seeds within them, to lead productive, successful lives.

road“JAIA” Just As I Am YOUth Empowerment is here to partner with you as we support your youth with a deepened sense of self-discovery, intrinsic motivation and clarity about their strengths and future desires.

Through the teaching of Universal Life Principles and Mindfulness Techniques, our participants learn self-mastery, goal attainment, healthy problem solving and leadership skills.  This includes the development of self-efficacy (one’s belief in their own ability to succeed), motivation, resilience, self-determination, decision-making, emotional literacy and effective communication.

“I was impressed with Gena’s ability to stir so much positive energy from the youth and her natural ability to open their hearts to bring forth honest heartfelt communication about where they were at and what they were feeling, all the while teaching them about life’s principles.” ~D. Laubach, Parent/Volunteer 

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JAIA YOUth embraces youth/young adults of all cultures and ethnicities, sexual orientations, spiritual, religious and non-religious backgrounds, fostering a community of Inclusion and Oneness, while encouraging each individual path. As educators and clinicians we believe it is important to address the separateness, isolation and self- judgment that adolescents struggle with, potentially hindering their social-emotional growth, vision for their future and sense of purpose. At JAIA YOUth, we help youth to positively develop their core belief systems so that one’s character meets their true spirit within, regardless of conditions around them.

bandsWe do not teach religion. We teach Universal Life Principles such as “integrity”, “awareness”, “acceptance”, core principles, which are the building blocks of character and can be found in the teachings of all spiritual traditions. Unlike values, Universal Life Principles do not change with the passage of time. By learning principles rather than values, youth and young adults are equipped to make wiser choices and support their mental health.

“Before this workshop, I kept overthinking and stressing myself out about school and things at home. At JAIA Youth, I learned not to listen to myself when I am doubting or downing myself. I learned to be honest about my feelings when my family asks about my day. I learned that I am important and I matter.”

 ~Anonymous, age 14  Medgar Evers, SYEP (Spirituality & Stress Wkshp)


As you explore this website, you will find that JAIA YOUth Empowerment programs are designed to support developmentally appropriate social-emotional and cognitive growth while promoting healthy values, attitudes and beliefs to support positive youth development. Our life-affirming workshops, 1- year residency training programs in schools and youth organizations, individual/ group psychotherapy, and Teen Life Coaching help participants Discover themselves, Create a life they love, and Connect with like-minded positive peers.

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JAIA YOUth Empowerment has served youth and young adults at:

  • Bronx Youth “A.L.O.T” Program
  • UBUNTU Rites of Passage Program
  • NYC Public High Schools
  • Youth Enrichment Services @ the LGBT Center of NYC
  • SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program) @ Medgar Evers College
  • “It’s All About YOUth” @ Sacred Center New York
  • Good Shepherd Svcs Chelsea Foyer
  • Booker T. Washington Learning Center
  • NYC Healthy Teens Relationship Conference
  • Black Male Conference @ Akron University

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