8576822Do you have dreams and goals for yourself but have no idea of how you’ll get there?

Have you felt pressured, trying to figure out what you’re good at or what you want to do with your future?


Maybe you’re dealing with stress and feeling powerless over your own life?

Oh, I get it, you’ve got your game face on 24/7 …



Until you have those sudden, quiet moments alone when all your TRUE feelings come crashing down…

 Maybe you don’t even know how important you and your dreams are?

JAIA” JUST AS I AM YOUth Empowerment knows!

Your life, your unique style, your dreams and your thoughts make a difference in the way the Universe functions. Yep, believe it or not…

YOU MATTER JUST AS YOU ARE! You make a difference in this world!

Five college students.

So, what if…

you accepted yourself, just as you are?

you were in a community that supported and encouraged you in becoming your best Self?

you allowed yourself to discover and unleash your purpose and future dreams?

It’s Your choice. It’s “JAIA” YOUth Empowerment!

“ I was having trouble staying motivated. The JAIA workshop ‘A Fresh Start’ helped me see how I can use meditation and visualization to my advantage. I feel like this workshop was another step in the my pursuit of my dreams, I can’t wait for part 2!”            J.J. age 17 ( “A Fresh Start” 2012)

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 At JAIA YOUTH we offer:


Our  life coaching helps you stay focused on your personal goals & dreams, supports you when you need to make changes, and celebrates you when you succeed.

1) Empowerment Workshops in Mindfulness & Spirituality – We teach you how to keep the peace regardless of the drama around you. We help you clarify what you believe about life and learn about how the universe works in your favor to help you achieve your own goals and dreams!

We offer workshops on dealing with stress, change and difficult relationships (i.e. dating, family), visioning for your future, starting your own business, and more!

2) Leadership training on how to lead workshops, how to be a motivational/ public speaker or peer Life Coach or Community organizer for and with other young people. We offer opportunities for community service, mentorship and internship as a trained JAIA Youth Facilitator”.

 3) Individual and group counseling, gives you a safe place to help you  create the personal goals.

“ I came to this workshop facing challenges with career goals and relationships. I learned how to turn my negative thoughts into positives. I felt great after leaving the workshop, I felt very happy- and I realized that I definitely need to breathe more often!”          G.L. age 19 (“Spirituality & Stress”)

jaia youth Male sharing

What’s in it For Me??

 Discover: a place where you can be yourself and feel included and valued.

Create: the life you desire for yourself

Connect: with like-minded teens, young adults & mentors willing  & ready to support you on path to greatness!

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