Seeds for Your Soul Saturdays

“You asked me if I ever stood up for anything. Yeah, I stood up for my life.” ~ Tina Turner

Mark you calendar for the third Saturday of the month for free virtual life coaching workshops for youth and adults who want to design a healthier world,
Starting with a healthier You
Join our invited guest speakers, life coaches, health and wellness experts for insights, tools, and tips to set yourself up for success from the inside out.
Next up 4/17/21 4:00-5:30pmMoving Beyond Fear – What’s Next for Our Lives with speaker Lordani Bonaventure, scholarship Founder Niaa C. Daniels, and entrepreneur Helena Clunies-Ross.
Techniques of Public Speaking & Dealing with Fear

Lordani Bonaventure holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Hunter College. He currently works as a Hospital Care Investigator for NYC Health + Hospitals – Harlem. He is the current Vice President of Public Relations at Vanderbilt Toastmasters. Lordani joined Toastmasters in October 2019 in the quest to better his public speaking skills. He hopes to inspire others to become confident public speakers.

Saying Yes to Opportunities

Niaa C. Daniels founded the NIA A.L.A.N.A Scholarship to honor and assist students who also experience hardships. Niaa comes to remind us to look for the joy on the journey, even during trying times.

Pushing Beyond Fear

Helena Clunies-Ross has created her own New York and London-based international design studio, Helena Clunies-Ross Design. ​With a BA in art and art history from University of Surrey (England) and an MA in interior design from Chelsea College of Art and Design, and over a decade of experience, Helena has combined her love of art with a passion for interiors and architecture to create spaces that are warm and sophisticated. Helena feels passionately about helping to inspire young people to dream, to believe in themselves, to have a vision, to set goals, and to work hard to create that vision

Past Talks

Ted Gustus Jr.

Catch highlights of Coach Gustus’ talk on video.

Sat. 1/16/21 @ 4pm.
“Everything begins in seed form and grows into an experience”. Coach Gustus

Coach Gustus will speak about the power in a seed and the importance of protecting, nurturing and preparing the fertile ground in which the seed grows. Based on Healing Opportunities for Peace and Evolution, JAIA’s theme for 2021, he will instill in you a sense of H.O.P.E. with exploring what the “growing through experience” feels, looks, tastes, and sounds like. He uses Tupac’s poem “The rose that grew through concrete”, to describe the experience of H.O.P.E., when conditions seem impossible.

Gabriella Dennery, MD, OMC

Highlights on video coming soon!

“What is Healing Anyway?”
Sat. 2/20/21 @ 4pm

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘healing’?: “I’m not sick, why should it matter to me?” “Who heals anyway? Do you have to be a doctor, witch doctor or priest?” “How do I know I am healing?” Join Gabriella Dennery, life coach, composer, ordained minister and speaker in conversation on what makes healing necessary (and fun) for purposeful and H.O.P.E. filled living. Learn more about Gabriella’s life coaching and music.

Dr. Karen Lazarus, MD, MPH

Catch Highlights of Dr. Lazarus’ talk on video.

3/20/21 @ 4pm
Transforming Trauma into Healing with Yoga Nidra

Dr. Karen Lazarus is a trauma-informed specialist in addiction medicine and a certified iRest Yoga Nidra meditation teacher. She has trained in integrative medicine and a variety of mind/body practices. She is especially interested in teaching about the effects of stress and trauma, and providing tools for regulating the nervous system. She has taught iRest as part of group counseling in the treatment of opioid and other substance use disorders. She has also taught mindfulness and iRest to students, teachers and parents in elementary education.

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