The Virtual Leadership Institute

If you are a teen age 16-21 who’s looking to… 


your voice and innate worth. See how your strength and even your weaknesses can be used to empower yourself and others.


your life filled with possibilities as you learn and utilize mindful, leadership and ethical tools and skills to help you live your best life.


with peers, mentors, support systems who are willing to accept you just as you are! Together you will create ways to use your dreams and goals to impact your community.

What Is It?

The Leadership Institute (JYLI)– Is an evidence-informed personal and service leadership development program that gives youth and young adults the mindset, discipline and skills to lead meaningful lives of leadership and service. Our 10 month program includes social-emotional learning (SEL), Mindfulness, Mental Health and Ethical decision making experiential learning and service opportunities. YOUth leave with increased self awareness and confidence, tools and techniques for effective and mindful decision making, and enhanced healthier relationships. Each participant envisions, prepares and executes a role in a community service project that matters to them.

Upon successful completion individuals have an opportunity to apprentice with JAIA affiliated corporate and non-profit organizations, as well as, take a leadership position on our JAIA YOUth Leadership Council. Commitment: Sept-July  After school: 2 hours, 2 days per week

  • Personal development, Mindfulness and Leadership training  
  • Certification as a JAIA YOUth Leader Upon successful completion 
  • Youth may apply to the Leadership Council 
  • Mindful Leadership & Team Building Trips 
  • Access to Life Coaching for Career Guidance
  • Access to Mental Health & Wellness  Services
  • Quarterly stipends

How to apply…Contact us here at for more info. Applications for Fall 2021 will be available in June 2021.