Volunteer Opportunities

JAIA’s Vision Statement for our volunteers is that each volunteer will experience  a strong foundation of universal principles, rooted in a diverse community that supports, builds, and inspires personal growth and leadership.


Volunteer Coordinator

The ideal Volunteer Coordinator will create a community of inclusion and professionalism in order to fulfill JAIA’s mission.The Volunteer Coordinator will be tasked with supporting and celebrating JAIA’s current volunteers and volunteer achievements, recruiting and onboarding future volunteers, as well as updating and creating policies and procedures.

YOUth Council Coordinator

JAIA is looking for a vibrant, creative, experienced youth educator/facilitator who wants to increase their skills in leadership, program development, group facilitation and event planning. Our Coordinator will support and guide our youth council participants through community service projects and workshops.

Administrative Council Member

We are seeking professionals who are passionate about youth development and possess a mastery level of experience in non-profit law, bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, operations, finance, fundraising, grant writing, technology, and/or non-profit business development, to serve on our Administrative Council. As part of the Administrative Council at JAIA, your leadership and professional skills would serve to support our organizational structure and support JAIA’s growth in the following areas: non-profit development, fund-raising, event planning, program development, and finance.

We are looking for innovative, “outside the box” thinkers. We at JAIA place great value in creative expression, vision and collaboration in a safe space as we model these values for the youth we serve.

Executive Assistant

JAIA’s Executive Assistant will be instrumental in helping JAIA increase our capacity to serve more youth. The assistant will work closely with our Exec Director, our media and marketing team and our volunteer and youth council coordinators and add their creativity and efficiency to our team.

Grant Writer

JAIA is seeking an experienced grant writer who can help us grow in our work and reach by helping JAIA increase the funding we receive. The grant writer will take time to learn more about JAIA’s programs, goals and financial needs. The grant writer will research, prepare, compose and send in grant proposals. The grant writer will look into potential and diverse funding sources, and keep careful records to track proposals, requirements, and outcomes. The grant writer will assist in planning fund-raising campaigns and promoting JAIA through public relations work as needed. 

Board of Directors

Ideal board members will embrace our vision for JAIA to support youth leadership in order to create healthy communities. This is an exciting time in JAIA’s history as we are launching both our leadership training program, as well as, our web-based international exchange program. The board will be charged with strategic planning; securing appropriate resources (i.e. funding, contracts and program space); and creating partnerships that will support consistent monthly programming and extend our youth reach.

Our Board Members are volunteers who provide leadership on varied levels, ensuring that the organization does the best work possible in alignment with our vision. Board Members will all actively participate in fundraising events and will lead board committees or perhaps solely focus on gaining financial support and resources for JAIA.