Community Workshops

JAIA facilitates “self-mastery” (mindfulness, social emotional learning and personal development) workshops for youth, adult stakeholders and corporations. We offer these workshops individually, in a series, as mini- retreats or conferences. We provide yearlong programming for schools and youth serving organizations. Workshops are facilitated in person or virtually.

Each workshop includes experiential mindful activities including creative arts, meditation, visualizations, journaling, peer sharing, team building. Workshops are built to address teen and young adult life issues and are facilitated by a team of youth & adults. We provide materials, give-aways, handouts, journals, mental health and mindfulness resources, and snacks too!

JAIA’s YOUth CAFE was featured in June 2015 on Brooklyn’s Channel 12 News.

To find out about our youth led Social/Educational Community Events: The YOUth Cafe and the Holiday TAIZE, email us at

Our workshops can be delivered virtually, on location at your school or center, at our center after school, or for your staff at your business.

JAIA’s Community Workshops fall into three categories with six workshops in each: 

The Life Lessons Series

This series supports youth in developing awareness in all areas of personal development. The goal is to increase the youth’s ability to make informed, mindful and ethical decisions by identifying one’s values, strengthening their sense of identity, esteem, inner resources and personal power and the insight to see beyond themselves as they relate to others.

The Leadership Series

This series focuses on communication techniques, ethical decision making when leading groups, and self-mastery skills. Youth will gain the skills to resolve conflicts peacefully, and to foster positive relationships with peers and adults. The objective is to give youth beginning skills in working with and having a positive effect on their community.

The Prosperity Series

This series gives youth the opportunity to prepare for the acquisition of wealth by developing a “wealthy state of mind”. Along with basic business development and money management skills, JAIA offer prosperity teachings  to build character, good habits and enhance creative thinking to prepare young people for the acquisition of money and entrepreneurial goals. 

Workshop: Healthy Minds Healthy Vibes: Expressions thru Art
Starting Feb 2022 on Zoom.


What is resilience? It’s the power and ability to return to your natural state, after being bent, stretched, depressed, hurt and/or stressed due to life’s challenges. JAIA created the WARRIORS Program to remind you of your warrior-like resilient qualities as you deal with feelings of anger, sadness, confusion or other feelings that come with loss, change, break-ups and most definitely being quarantined! Join us for real talk, art, music and fun in a safe space. You’ll leave feeling heard, connected and hopeful about your future.

“Before this workshop, I kept overthinking and stressing myself out about school and things at home. At JAIA Youth, I learned not to listen to myself when I am doubting or downing myself. I learned to be honest about my feelings when my family asks about my day. I learned that I am important and I matter.”

Spirituality & Stress Workshop (Medgar Evers, SYEP)
Anonymous, Age 14

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